4 Advantages of using a Chartered Accountant

4 Advantages of using a Chartered Accountant

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To expect a business owner to keep accurate financial records, and prepare his or her own tax returns on top of actually running a company, is quite a big ask. Finding a reliable and professional accountant makes good business sense, will save time and could even save money!

When running a business every penny counts whether coming in or going out, so it’s essential to keep track. Spending a little extra on a good accountant will take the stress out of this aspect of any business.

1. Time Saving

A prosperous business is a busy one whatever the products or services offered, and the need to focus is essential if you want to be successful. Counting the pennies and doing paperwork, are not the most enjoyable of pursuits, plus they are distracting and incredibly time consuming. A good accountant will be up to date with current tax rules and regulations, and will know the way around HMRC requirements.

2. Reduce your tax liability

Whether you are a limited company or self employed, a financial advisor or accountant will be able to give sound advice, about managing your company’s funds efficiently. They will take into account your personal situation, and provide a bespoke service, guiding you through the ins and outs of company expenses, VAT, payroll and any other money related issue.

3. Avoid tax penalties

A key element of running your business is staying ahead of paperwork, especially related to bookkeeping and finances. Being aware of tax deadlines, and looming dates is important, and ensures that fines and penalties are avoided.

4. Get rid of tax worries

The world of tax is a complicated one, which leaves many smaller business owners dazed and confused, often with a constant worry that they have forgotten something. A good, highly qualified accountant like John S Culwick, will cover everything you need when it comes to your business finances. Call for more information on (01268) 680702.

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