Communication is Key for a Successful Business

Communication is Key for a Successful Business

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Running even a small business has its challenges, whether you are a one man band or have a team of dedicated staff. The catchword for any business with employees is ‘communication’, and the ‘staff appraisal’ is a perfect opportunity for employers to identify and hopefully address issues. Discussing or assessing the role of each member of staff, allows all parties to air any grievances, often avoiding future problems.

Managing your staff appraisals well will ensure that the best result is gained, so here are a few tips.

  • Prepare a form for reference, which lays out a formal structure for each employee. This can include details like their responsibilities and any of their achievements.
  • Highlighting the positive attributes of the employee, and demonstrating a commitment towards their personal development will put him or her at their ease.
  • Staff feedback should be encouraged, as it may raise issues which, once resolved, can help improve the working environment for all and may reveal problems which can then be avoided.
  • Staff moral will almost definitely be boosted where incentives like training, salary reviews and other benefits exist. Companies find that this allows staff to feel valued and increases loyalty and improved performance.
  • Once strategies and ways to proceed have been agreed upon, this is best put in writing, with a copy being given to the employee.
  • A series of follow up meetings should be scheduled, to ensure that proposed procedures are being followed and targets reached.

These are the actions of a responsible company whose staff can be satisfied with their working conditions. For personal service, value for money and practical advice about running your business call John S Culwick on (01268) 680702

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