Rural Property Management Specialists

Rural Property Management Specialists

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image_01Due to the increasing recovery of the economy, and ensuing competition, ensuring maximum profits when selling land for development can be difficult. One of the most advisable ways of doing this is to invest in more land, and securing the right sites at the best prices is important. Once a piece of land is sold, landowners can re-invest the proceeds into a similar asset, thus off-setting capital gains tax liability.

Landowners can be proactive by researching the market in the vicinity of any proposed new purchase of land, and it is acceptable to contact agents and professionals within land sales and development in an effort to gain advice. Re-investment can be tricky without knowledge of markets and strategies, especially with regard to identifying suitable land or property. Although there will probably be a sense of urgency and impatience, it is always wise to take your time and persevere, even when an excellent prospect is snapped up by another bidder. Do not be too rigid in your rules or expectations either, sometimes all desired aspects of a purchase are not possible, so a flexible approach is the most conducive to success.

Our web promotion partners Land Partners, are experts in the field of land sales and can assist in every area including identification of land purchasing opportunities, liaison with property owners, valuation advice, price and contract negotiation, finance arranging, solicitor liaison and advice related to the purchasing of land.

Land Partners are specialist rural property advisors, and chartered surveyors specialising in all aspects of rural property management in and around East Anglia. Their consultancy services cover tax advice, land and property valuation, land sales and purchasing, agronomy and farm management, and any other factors which affect rural land and property owners or purchasers. Their customer friendly ethos has brought many customer referrals and recommendations, so to found out how they can help you, call Land Partners on 01376 328297



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